All RPM Group products are covered by a 12 month “RETURN TO BASE” warranty. It is the owners responsibility and cost to return the damaged spa to the eziSPA service center in Auckland if a fault develops.

If you believe you have a faulty product the first stage is to "EMAIL" us with the details of the situation .

We then have a written correspondance trail and we can then arrange with you to get the product repaired.
Email is : rpmservice@outlook.co.nz 



The eziSPA is an inflatable product and common sense must be exercised when using the spa.  You must at all time keep away from the spa items that may puncture the fabric.

Do not drag the spa along the ground at any time when positioning it.

You must advise RPM Group immediately (24 HRS) that you become aware of any potential issue with a spa that may be considered a claim under warranty.
You must at all time provide accurate and truthfull information relating to any warranty claim.  

You must not under any circumstances over inflate the spa pool or the Heat Retention Bladder. It is important to understand that when the pool reaches temperature ie 38 deg and with the combined heat from the sun the air inside will expand significantly thus further inflating the pool. The initial inflation must allow for this. You should be able to easily squeeze the outer inwards with one hand. If it is tight and firm the outer is over inflated.

Water quality control is the sole responsibilty of the spa owner - any issues relating to water quality are not covered by warranty.
It is very important that the PH of the spa water is monitored.  If the PH drops below 7.2 and the water becomes Acidic this will have an immediate impact of the life of the uPVC.  The uPVCV will discolour to a greyish colour clearly indicating the presence of Acidic Water.  This will lead to deterioration of the material and joints.  This is not covered by warranty.
When closing the spa care must be taken to not “Cross Thread” the zip. To ensure long life of the zip you must not fold the lid so the zip is left in a folded state. Care must also be taken to ensure dust and pollen does not accumulate on the zip.

It is important that the RCD unit attached to the spa power lead is treated with care. Although water proof it is not able to withstand torrential rain or being immersed in water. Ensure the unit is protected from direct rain at all time.

The RCD unit can also be easily broken if dropped. Please ensure during assembly / disassembly or when transporting the spa the RCD unit is not allowed to be dropped or dragged on the ground. This will damage the unit and is not covered by warranty.
It is important that when positioning the spa outside that water is not allowed to accumulate under the control box area of the spa. During bubble operation air is sucked into the blower and if water is present this will cause significant damage to the blower unit
If an extension lead is used to supply power to the pool it must be a Heavy Duty 10 amp rated lead.

It is also importnat that hair and lint is not allowed to enter the spa water.  This can block the block the filter or worse if the filter is not on the spa it will allow this to enter the filter pump - which normally results in failuer of the filter pump.